Thursday, May 2, 2019

Denver debut...

I wanted to take a moment to write about Denver, because it was a special experience, all around. Not only did my girlfriend Kelsey come with me, which made me feel extra special, but the sound, lighting (from Max Jacobsen/ Tyler the Creator), and the audience, came together in a beautiful, synergistic way. I felt the energy for two straight hours, a length of time I rarely get to play. That in and of itself was special. I put a fair amount of time into my set leading up to and the day of my performance. I know the work I put in - preparing material, working through the structure of my set - allowed me to just flow and not worry about what was next. I started raving in Boulder when I was in high school. Being able to return, with original material in hand, for the Crowdpleaser crew, made the night special on a whole other level as well. The reaction to my performance couldn't have gone better.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Music...

This is think-piece for me, and not a fully fleshed out treatise on this subject.

It's factual to say that music made by AI removes at least some level of creative intention from the resulting music.  On the question of intention, is intentionality correlated to spiritual and creative evolution? Or, is less intentionality the result of evolution and development? The truth is probably contextual, depending on the individual. Growth can be in either direction.

The intention to use Artificial Intelligence in any field of endeavor is a choice. The intention to use constructed, hand-built, or human crafted materials is also a choice. Whereas the effects of a creative work can be the by-product of an intention, it isn't a necessary causal agent of the experience of the work. You can enjoy a piece of music built by hand. You can enjoy a piece of music constructed by AI.  It's within the chasm between intentionality and non-intentionality that work produced by AI exists within. 

Whether to use AI as a creative tool is decided by an individual's intention - to have a relationship with the entire creative process or to curate the work produced by AI.

More questions:
Do I want the experience of knowing the subtleties and textures of a creative process, or do I want someone else, or something else, to create a product without those experiences?

Do I want to retain ownership of a process or curate an outcome?

At what level do we cross the threshold between noble experience, experience that guides our evolution as artists, experience that opens new avenues of personal growth and exploration, and mundane experience that means nothing?

Is there such a thing as an experience that means nothing in the context of our personal, creative, and spiritual evolution? Can we still evolve as artists, creators, humans, removed from process and experience? Which processes and experiences are most beneficial to our growth?

If we increasingly curate our lives and work through the by-products of artificial intelligence, what happens to our personal, creative, and spiritual evolution?

Certainly, experience doesn't end where our tools have taken over.  We move on to other experiences, new contexts.

What new contexts will open up as a result of artificial intelligence, and where will our new growth areas lie as humans?  What experiences do we want to have even when someone, or something, else could execute a process or produce a work on our behalf?

Perhaps, in a world saturated with AI, like any pervasive technology, its effects will be largely ignored, infused into the fabric of society, until it's weaponized. The underlying issues of human survival, personal growth, etc, will remain largely the same in a world saturated with AI. We will still search for meaning. We will still desire to be celebrated, supported, loved. We will endure the effects of competition and need some sort of livelihood. We will base our self-worth on internal values, external circumstances, and combinations thereof.  AI will not solve the problems of our human nature and self-perceptions. It will not solve the ills of society, which is the by-product of human nature.

Ironically, AI, its use, mis-use, and development, is the by-product of our intention to create it. How intentional are we willing to be in the curation of our own lives and experiences within a world increasingly pervaded by artificial intelligence? Like most areas of human endeavor, each individual will have to decide what they want from their experiences, what to include, and what to exclude. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Latest performance from DF666

I. MVSB (Spoiler Alert. If you know, you know...) II. The return of Black Asteroid III. No introduction needed... Perc IV. DF Resident - Tunnel (CHI) V. Chicago Legend DJ Hyperactive VI. Henry Vengeance - Henry Novelo (NYC) VII. Around the world and back again Karl Meier VIII. DF Resident - Live PA (MKE) THE DEMIX IX. Watch out now it's MKE's own MisFortune X. Playing one track only... Jethrox XI. Communion Allstar (MN) Centrific XII. Straight outta Chrismas Town (MN) Dave Eckblad (mrBlaq) XIII. Drop Acid Join a Kult w/ Imaginary Friend Very Special Guest Old Thompson

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Booking in Europe November 2018

I have one confirmed booking in Berlin for November 2nd.

 Available dates: Nov 3, 9, 10

 Contact me for booking requests!

 Bookings: (AT)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Opening performance for Black Asteroid...

The whole crew throwing the Destination Fucked parties in Milwaukee have been amazing people to play for and work with. There are hushed whispers about me becoming a resident there, as I've been able to play every event but one! They're on their third now, and the fourth is in the works, no doubt. The last several months have been difficult for me personally, as I've been closing one life chapter, and beginning a new one. Creatively, I've really questioned my involvement in the techno scene and music life in general. Nonetheless, this performance put a smile on my face as soon as I heard it back. The full-spectrum of the Webuildmachines sound is alive and well here. I was able to complete the rough draft of a project that I'd been working on with Bombardier aka Jason Snell just in time to play it live at the beginning of my set. I hope you enjoy what you hear as much as I did performing it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

First European gig announced...GEGEN / BERLIN


Design ist die Realisierung eines Projekts. Projekt ist das Suffix von Projektion. Fashion ist die Projektion des Selbst durch die Sprache der Repräsentation. Die Versklavungsprozesse nördlicher und südlicher Globalisierung durch die Produktionsmethoden weltweiter Großkonzerne filternd und ablehnend, ist GEGEN FASHION die umgedrehte Technik der Individualisierung durch Mode, verwirklicht in einem sich alle zwei Monate manifestierenden Raum, in dem das Entwerfen von Mode Grenzen überschreitet durch Performancekunst und Sexualität von Klaus Nomi bis Chicks On Speed und umgekehrt. Bringe deine eigene FASHION GEGEN im Gestaltungsraum von GEGEN FASHION zum Ausdruck. Alles, was du dafür brauchst, ist soziale Eleganz.


MAREENA (Unrush / Tresor.Berlin)
BLOODY MARY (Ovum, Dame-Music)

TUNNEL Live (Webuildmachines, Noisefloor-Chicago)
INNER 8 Hybrid Live/Dj (Holotone)
SIRIO GRY J (Monolith Records, Liber Null)
CHORONZON (Khemia Records/ Kaos)
XIK (Gegen)


MARC MIROIR (Paso Music / Members)
AEREA NEGROT (BPitch Control)



✄ Plus ✄

GEGEN ART: IMPOPSIBLE FASHION DESIGN - Video installation/Pop Up shop


To design is to realize a project. Project is the suffix of projection. Fashion is projecting oneself through a language of representation. Filtering and refusing all the processes of northern and southern globalization enslaving processes in terms of multicorporations world production, GEGEN FASHION is that reverse engineering of fashion individualization actualized in a bi-monthly space of styles-boiling where designing fashion crosses the boundaries through performance art and sexuality, from Klaus Nomi to Chicks on Speed and viceversa. You are Therefore invited to express your own FASHION GEGEN in the designed space of GEGEN FASHION. Social elegance is required.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Where to begin...

New work, and dare I say...evolved work. An interview and exclusive unveiling of four tracks with music blog 6AM. READ HERE

A new double Ep, "Rave / Movement," was released this past month with support from Paula Temple, Marcel Dettman, Slam, Deepspace Helsinki, Joseph Capriati, Electric Indigo, The Automatic Message, Modular Phaze, John Massey, Sone, Lloyd, Joel Morgan, Lateral, Cinjay Lee, Frankie Vega, Rissy, Tony Kasper, wk[es], Vito Lucente, and many more! Gratitude!

Purchase here: Beatport / WBM Shop

A new podcast for Techno Scene with a handful of unreleased works. One of our best performative 'visions' yet. There's a uniquely powerful feeling of connection with 'other' when you're able to listen to your own creations and be moved by the life they live outside of you, and within you.

I'm hoping that all of this work translates into more gigs, and more performance opportunities, and perhaps it will in the future. Music scenes, like any scene, can be very fickle in their long-term support of an artist. The lesson learned here is that no matter who wants to hear me perform live, I have work to do. I have an evolutionary path of my own to follow. The others may be eating their cake now, but I'm working towards inventing a whole new recipe.