Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Devine Sounds....

RISP is Richard Devine's algorithm-based exploration of generative time structures for analog synths. If you missed limited vinyl boarding pass worry not -- gain 3 additional original richard devine compositions plus five remixes by Loops Haunt, Vaetxh, Subjex, Valance Drakes & Balkansky with the release of RISP on CD. Expect to breathe air on distant planets as chaotic, broken machines speak harmonious mutant languages via RD's human/alien soundesign and audio activist remixes. Thirteen new tracks to become alien.

DU-16: CD info: http://detroitunderground.net/blog/2012/03/28/richard-devine-•-risp-•-cd/


1. PlonkedSpectral
2. ErkWerks
3. Oxin2lin
4. TipTopBD808
5. Varseop
6. Morro
7. Etch n Sketch
8. Plasmik
9. Vapor Wave Acid
10. York Capacitor
11. ReneAnalogueSeq
12. Plonked Spectral (Vaetxh oort cloud remix)
13. Oxin2lin (Valance Drakes Remix)
14. Plonked S.(Gordan-Loopshaunt-Remix)
15. Plonked S. (Subjex Remix) *
16. Plonked Spectral-(Balkansky Remix)*
17. Plonked S. (DrumCell Remix)*

* exclusive for digi download.

14 songs

Total Time: 1:09 - 700.5MB


Release info from Detroit Underground http://detroitunderground.net/blog/2011/11/08/richard-devine-risp-ep-du-16/

Valentin Rodriguez, Dmas3, www.dmas3.com

Richard Devine: http://www.richard-devine.com

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