Friday, March 1, 2013

Who are we???

Who is [ T U N N E L ]? Well, there certainly isn't a soundbite about what we do, or where we want to go. Suffice it to say that we want to tear down false limits and expand the definition of what techno music is. We want to foster creative growth within a global techno arts community. In headier terminology, we study the art forms of the séance. We believe that every performance is a Ritual and connected to the entire history of human expression and communal journey. Our goal as performers is to direct our conscious experience towards the Light within, fostering communal meditation and the simultaneous loss/discovery of Self. It ain't just about the Party, people. But, the Party is the medium through which we can find something beautiful, even transcendent. So how does that translate, 'on the ground'? What inspires, [ T U N N E L]? Simply stated, it is the journey into the unknown. We seek new discoveries of sound and texture. We are explorers within the soundsphere of a social fabric torn apart at the seams and woven back together again in bolder, brighter colors. We want to push the envelope of sound design and rhythm, because if we've heard it before, why go back? If we've been there before, heard it before, felt it before...why go back? We're not big on nostalgia. For us, techno music was never about nostalgia - in form or function - despite it's current formulas and marketing agendas. There is territory left unexplored in this medium of 'EDM', 'Techno', whatever the phrase. We like to call it, 'music.' There is opportunity and room for deeper rituals of experience in The Club. We're moving towards that end. Let's dance.

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