Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Lightworker ep ... CINEMA.

BUY NOW: https://webuildmachines.bandcamp.com/ ABOUT: "The Lightworker ep" is the debut release on the newly launched [ webuildmachines ] label. Presenting four original, sonically dense, works by sound designer and techno artist [ T U N N E L ], plus three top-form dancefloor focused remixes by Andreas Florin, Davide Dez, and Lance Blaise aka Monix, this release is bound for dancefloors and clubs worldwide. The future is now, and the soundtrack is The Lightworker ep. CONCEPT: The concept behind "The Lightworker ep" is the idea of 'lightwork' or energy transfer between source and recipient. Within a world of dark aesthetics and pulsing forms, a light lies beyond and within, to be drawn forth by The Lightworker.

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