Tuesday, July 26, 2016

EMERGENCE debut album launches with video and pre-sales...

Thank you to everyone that supported our music, listened, gave feedback, and added fuel to the fire. You can preview and purchase the album at the link below!

A few people I want to thank directly...(from our liner notes)

"Moe Espinosa for the early encouragement and industry insights. Gerald Good for the detailed notes and coming to the very first Tunnel show ever. Dietrich Shoenemann for mastering and hustling the vinyl. Dan Ryan for an amazing digital mastering experience at Studio 11. The STL/314 Techno crew for wanting to hear this material live before anyone. All of the WBM artists for keeping the faith and contributing to something larger than each of us. Andy Stroble for my first booking in Chicago! Komprezzor for always championing my sound. Bobby Dowell, for the burritos. Tom Kellogg, Kurt, Thea, Carrie and the DBN family. To all the DJs and Producers that have reached out and made me feel like I’m on the right path...Jason Patrick and Mia Wallace, thank you! Claude young Jr, thank you! Mirko, Davide, Gez and the Etichetta Nera family, I'm forever in your debt. Coum Records, Different is Different, Rheostatus, Aerotek, Teggno, SecreTechno, Grid Based Beats, and all the labels that have released our work, thank you for supporting. Above all my lovely, beautiful Vanessa, for loving an artist, the most thankless job on the planet."

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