Thursday, March 9, 2017

Where to begin...

New work, and dare I say...evolved work. An interview and exclusive unveiling of four tracks with music blog 6AM. READ HERE

A new double Ep, "Rave / Movement," was released this past month with support from Paula Temple, Marcel Dettman, Slam, Deepspace Helsinki, Joseph Capriati, Electric Indigo, The Automatic Message, Modular Phaze, John Massey, Sone, Lloyd, Joel Morgan, Lateral, Cinjay Lee, Frankie Vega, Rissy, Tony Kasper, wk[es], Vito Lucente, and many more! Gratitude!

Purchase here: Beatport / WBM Shop

A new podcast for Techno Scene with a handful of unreleased works. One of our best performative 'visions' yet. There's a uniquely powerful feeling of connection with 'other' when you're able to listen to your own creations and be moved by the life they live outside of you, and within you.

I'm hoping that all of this work translates into more gigs, and more performance opportunities, and perhaps it will in the future. Music scenes, like any scene, can be very fickle in their long-term support of an artist. The lesson learned here is that no matter who wants to hear me perform live, I have work to do. I have an evolutionary path of my own to follow. The others may be eating their cake now, but I'm working towards inventing a whole new recipe.

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