Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Opening performance for Black Asteroid...

The whole crew throwing the Destination Fucked parties in Milwaukee have been amazing people to play for and work with. There are hushed whispers about me becoming a resident there, as I've been able to play every event but one! They're on their third now, and the fourth is in the works, no doubt. The last several months have been difficult for me personally, as I've been closing one life chapter, and beginning a new one. Creatively, I've really questioned my involvement in the techno scene and music life in general. Nonetheless, this performance put a smile on my face as soon as I heard it back. The full-spectrum of the Webuildmachines sound is alive and well here. I was able to complete the rough draft of a project that I'd been working on with Bombardier aka Jason Snell just in time to play it live at the beginning of my set. I hope you enjoy what you hear as much as I did performing it.

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