Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Latest performance from DF666

I. MVSB (Spoiler Alert. If you know, you know...) II. The return of Black Asteroid III. No introduction needed... Perc IV. DF Resident - Tunnel (CHI) V. Chicago Legend DJ Hyperactive VI. Henry Vengeance - Henry Novelo (NYC) VII. Around the world and back again Karl Meier VIII. DF Resident - Live PA (MKE) THE DEMIX IX. Watch out now it's MKE's own MisFortune X. Playing one track only... Jethrox XI. Communion Allstar (MN) Centrific XII. Straight outta Chrismas Town (MN) Dave Eckblad (mrBlaq) XIII. Drop Acid Join a Kult w/ Imaginary Friend Very Special Guest Old Thompson

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