Thursday, May 2, 2019

Denver debut...

I wanted to take a moment to write about Denver, because it was a special experience, all around. Not only did my girlfriend Kelsey come with me, which made me feel extra special, but the sound, lighting (from Max Jacobsen/ Tyler the Creator), and the audience, came together in a beautiful, synergistic way. I felt the energy for two straight hours, a length of time I rarely get to play. That in and of itself was special. I put a fair amount of time into my set leading up to and the day of my performance. I know the work I put in - preparing material, working through the structure of my set - allowed me to just flow and not worry about what was next. I started raving in Boulder when I was in high school. Being able to return, with original material in hand, for the Crowdpleaser crew, made the night special on a whole other level as well. The reaction to my performance couldn't have gone better.

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